Best Pranks Ever

So simple, so effective and strangely beautiful in their simplicity.
The only way to top this would be to add costumes.

The Crystalarium! Fall 2009 Presentation

The sets for our presentation were created by our dear friend and artists Marisa Tesauro.
We were inspired by the cover of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon and glass installations by the artist Robert Smithson.

We asked Marisa to talk a bit about her inspiration and experience working with us on this project, and here's what she had to say:

"When I first sat down with Lisa and Sophie we talked about what their inspirations were for the collection and they showed me some of the fabrics they were using. We were looking at these beautifully intelligent Olafur Eliasson installations, a natural crystal cave in México and thinking about laser light shows. They mentioned Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party, which is one of those monumental pieces on my list so we went from there working with the title of the show ‘Crystalarium’.

The idea for using cds as a material came about after one of my trips to Staples, which is next to the studio. I often go there and to Lowes to look for inspiration. There is a display for paper shredders and to prove their strength they shredded some cds and left them in the plastic receptacle. I should also mention that we thought about using glass for the inside of the triangle platform, but glass doesn’t reflect light so it didn’t make sense. After doing research I found a company, GreenDisk in Seattle, Washington that recycles cds and I spoke to the director David Beschen who was very willing to help us and after convincing everyone that it would be a really beautiful installation and not a high school art project the cds arrived at the studio-1 ton of cds!

The cd fragments were a great way to create a light experience without using a lot of external light sources and really transform the material, which is a familiar element in my work, but it wasn’t until the day of the show when we were installing the piece that I actually realized how the scale of the installation had such an impact. The installation process was like playing in a giant sandbox texturally and driving into a mirage visually.

As for working with Sophie and Lisa the collaboration really made sense since their work has always inspired me and there was such ease in the process, not only due to a friendship but a mutual understanding of aesthetics. Hopefully we will have the chance to collaborate again!"