The Gadawan Kura are a Nigerian band of wandering medicine men / performers that include a group of men, a little girl, three hyenas, four monkeys, a baboon, and several pythons. The comfort level between the humans and the animals is pretty amazing. Also- the monkeys have tons of outfits. Like way more than the people do. More photos from Pieter Hugo's excellent photo essay are on his website.

NINA 2.0

More Nina. Just couldnt help it- she's so underrated. Also, she looks totally convincing as a dude in this video, which is kind of Gem and the holograms+ Dee Snyder + bad school play.
But its the "special effects" in this video that are to die for. This kind of low-tech stuff really gets me now- first because it reminds me of what movies used to look like when I was growing up, and second because the slickness of modern special effects has made them so sterile feeling. Look at what you can achieve with makeup and a colored backdrop!


I like these nails. I want..


If you're in LA see the Baldessari show at LACMA.
He's hilarious. One of the best shows I've seen all year.
He makes great montages of film stills with unknown actors. Lot's of other good stuff too..

Also, the new and improved google images RULES! The format made this post snappy!


This commercial is for the Japanese dept store Parco, which opened in the 70s in Shibuya.
This makes me very, very curious about what the original interior of the store looked like. Nothing says shopping quite like celebrities eating eggs in an all-black room.