For Halloween check out this great double feature...

Betty Blue 1986
Starring Beatrice Dalle

The Pumpkin Eater 1964
Starring Anne Bancfroft




This song is in my top five all time favorites for sure. And whenever Ive loved something that much and then seen the music video, Im bummed for a week. This is a really good exception. Note the amazing dance by Perri Lister, the platinum blonde that begins at 3:30.

My obsession with Lister's dance led me to some videos of her dance troupe, the Hot Gossip. This one is called "Small Pants and Large Maracas". Its kind of like the dance that the Dude's landlord does in the Big Lebwski, but really sexy and 80s.


Im completely mesmerized by the shapes and finishes on these furniture pieces
and rooms by Eileen Gray and Joe Colombo. Especially the first image of Gray's - holy shit!
She was working in the 20s and early 30s- Joe in the 60s, but their work is weirdly really similar, except her work is clearly designed by a woman, and his feels blatantly male.