This is VC's alternative to Easy Rider, or Five Easy Pieces. Barbara Loden was little known to the public besides being Elia Kazan's wife. In 1971 she wrote, directed, and acted in Wanda, a movie that follows the chronic joylessness of a working class woman. Wanda drifts through the movie mumbling, ordering Rolling Rocks at bars, and showing up late for her divorce hearing.
Loden was inspired to make the movie after reading an article about a girl named Wanda Goranski- who was sentenced to twenty years in prison for her role in a small time heist. The movie is great, and available on Netflix.



Maybe its because I grew up obsessively watching anything Muppet related, but along with gummy candy, carnival rides, bubble bath and prosciutto-wrapped rice krispie treats (a recent discovery) I find them to be an irresistable mood-lifter.
This video for the excellent Brooklyn based R+B band Escort is about as condensed as it gets, Muppet-wise. Ive heard that the blond, guitar playing Muppet is based on Joni Mitchell. Hope thats true- she's pretty badass in this video.


Song updates over to your right...

Rock on.


Finally a song from Ne-Yo and Jamie Fox about the working woman.
That's right. Please notice the close-up of the woman's hand elegantly signing the check.
The VC lady has got her own.


Wisconsin artist Sarah Kaufman makes these sculptures out of cheese.
Maybe if she sees this post she'll make us a Vena Cava cheese logo for headquarters.


The sewage system in Moscow is crazy. It is growing crystals.
More on the consistently amazing blog English Russia


Thank you BAM for the Elliot Gould retrospective that just ended on August 21st. "Getting Straight" was fantastic and very underrated on Netflix. So was "The Silent Partner". Gould has always been a favorite. When we do the Vena Cava "DAD" collection we'd like him to model the lookbook. Vena Cava DAD, would be comprised of muted charcoal grey Ikat buttons downs (good for BBQing pork butt in), shiny black designer Reeboks, and faded jeans from COSTCO.
Here are some of my favorite Elliot Gould movies...


Maud Frizon was a french shoe designer know for her sequined mules, patent leather wedges, and python working girl pumps. We were recently trying to come up with shoe references for our upcoming show and I thought about the great Maud. If only there was a store for Maud Frizon suede and sequin deadstock. The amazing thing about her shoes was the combination of expensive materials next to inexpensive embellishment. Suede next to plastic sequins, wood next to python, canvas next to satin, leather next to cheap lace. She took inspiration from the late and great shoe legend Beth Levine (Beth invented the mule, the haute couture boot, and clear plastic shoes). I once ate a tuna fish sandwich with Beth at Ruth Finley's lunch group in the early 2000's. Both Beth and Maud had an eye for applique, and worked with cutting leather away from the pattern to expose more of the naked foot. Maud Frizon was post Beth Levine but pre Manolo Blahnik. Someone needs to bring back the house of Maud Frizon.


we've been a bit busy preparing for our show...sorry for the tardy blogging. we'll have more to share about the new collection soon. in the meantime, please enjoy this video our stylist Kate sent us. this is the kind of exchange that happens regularly between fashion stylist and designer.


Found this great blog on old book covers. Some of our favorites:


A while ago Sophie and I headed up to morbid Mass. with two of our nearest and dearest for another two day Brimfield antique binge. Its work-related.
Here are some scores:

tiny "flying geese" patterned navajo rug

navajo war ceremonial "where the two came to their father"
20 numbered prints about a legend of two Navajo heroes undergoing a five day rite of passage.
really killer.

weird pins including one that really reminds me of that creepy talking tree in the Never Ending Story

at some point during all this sifting and thrifting I start "hitting gold." This is the point at which everything starts looking amazing to me and I end up buying a lot of weird crap. I was so psyched about this bracelet purchase, after which I was told by my buddies to "maybe take a short break" or "go eat something" .
this bracelet was the breaking point. I still love it, regardless


two chrome framed chairs with chocolate colored bungee cords

john yang 60s aluminum earrings

beaded wall-hanging. the dude I bought this from said that he had recently worn it as a loincloth. Which prompted me to purchase and immediately dry clean it.


I'll be in Switzerland next week and plan on having a gimlet at the Giger Bar, the most beautiful bar in the world.

My friend Billy (aka DJ Gemhunter) told me about it a while back. It blew my mind.
Here is why...

The interior of the otherworldly environment that is the H.R. Giger Museum
Bar is a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae
that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle. The sensation of being in this extraordinary setting recalls the tale of Jonah and the whale, lending the feel of being literally in the belly of a fossilized, prehistoric beast, or that
you have been transported into the remains of a mutated future civilization.

Text excerpt from Secret Magazine No. 23, by Javier De Pison