I'm surprised nobody thought of this before; a 24 hour relaxation Amusement Park. That's basically what Spa Castle is. After driving through the middle of nowhere queens, you stumble upon five floors of LED sauna utopia. There are traditional Korean baths, along with four other coed floors that consist of salt saunas, gold saunas, infrared lounges, foot reflexolgy parlors, and lazy boy chill zones. Just in case you get too hot, you can take a break in the North Pole room. Families sit in robes eating everything from bimbambop to corndogs. Not only can you get carnival food at Spa Castle, but there's even a swanky bar called "Tonic" located on the top floor. This place is a truly bazar and genius invention. Great for a birthday party or a first date. Please go if you live anywhere near Queens.


  1. HAHAHA if you go to korea they have many of these. they have special water treatments like "gold" where the tube is plated with gold. i never knew they had such an elaborate one in new york.


  2. I heard they're having a blowout holiday party at the bar this Sat night (Dec. 11th)! It looks awesome!

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