Kenneth Anger/Missoni

Anger made a fashion movie for Missoni.
It's like Lucifer Rising... except with actors that have escaped their tuscan villa for a Lord of the Rings acid trip.

This is the best fashion movie I've seen...


the art direction in this video is beautiful, especially that one shot of the power cord and the New Balance "tennis sneaker"....


Hanna Sandin Mobiles.
So beautiful.
On my wish list.


Check out this picture of Obama and the Spanish first family. Could those Spanish daughters be the first Goth princesses? I love their look.


I passed this yarn-bombed bike on the way to work this morning. Ive only seen one other guerilla knitted piece here in NY, and it was nowhere near as detail oriented as this one. This is vandalism, 2.0.


His 1984 Super Bowl commercial announcing the release of the Mac, which features no shots of the actual computer. However it does prominently feature a woman in a Hooter's uniform who finds a way to foil Big Brother and free thousands of drones.