10 amazing days in Buenos Aires. Soph and I jumped at the chance to be part of the 6-O Clock Tea, an annual event showing the work of several Argentine designers, and one international designer. This is the home of the Ambassador of Uruguay, where we showed our Fall 09 collection.

Our daily schedule in was more or less as follows:
10:00 wake up
10:30 drink coffee and eat chocolate for breakfast
11:30 watch Alf in Spanish
12:00 sketch and make collages for silk prints
2:30 eat steak
3:30 antique/wander
6:00 more coffee
7:00 read Collected Fictions of Jorge Luis Borges (Sophie),
read Motley Crue Bio (Lisa)
9:30 steak with Malbec
12:00 more Malbec
1:00 bedtime

This is quite possibly the most beautiful Burger King in the world. Its located on Calle Florida in the home of Anne Diaz, who is considered a mother of the city. This would be roughly the equivalent of putting a Burger King in Martha Washington's bedroom at Mount Vernon. Which actually may help drive traffic there. Whatever works I guess..

Killer steaks, really good coffee and excellent cocktails- 90% of our diet in Buenos Aires.

La Recoletta Cemetary with gorgeous ancient family crypts and many, many, many cats.

And what cemetary experience would be complete without some awesome Goths hanging out and doing performance art-

ArteBA fair held at the Rural

Other gems:
Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires

Window Display made entirely out of drinking straws

Dilapidated mansion in San Telmo


  1. Haha, the most beautiful Burger King in the world. Who knew?

    Love that crazy bar in the last photo too.

  2. Hi Sophie and Lisa! It's Val (former intern:) and I just wrote a post about Vena Cava on my blog! I'm excited for your collaboration with Gap to come out in stores tomorrow. The pictures from your trip look amazing! Love your blog, too!

  3. Hi, I really love your blog layout and posts. Your trip looks so fun! I actually saw the world's most amazing Burger King on the travel channel once. Glad to know it really is that gorgeous. Also, I just bought your designer edition zipper dress at Gap, you two are pattern geniuses! (But of course you already know this...)

    I'm also adding you to my links!


  4. SOPHIE B!!!

    I'm so psyched You two have a blog,and can't believe it took me this long to find it...

    -Kristen from Parson's

  5. These photos are amazing- what a wonderful trip!

  6. I used to have lunch everyday in that burger king when i was a child!!!
    I live in buenos aires :)
    Did you have a good time?

  7. We had an AMAZING time. Buenos Aires seems to be the opposite of New York- it has a very languid, relaxed pace, but all the people we met were very enthusiastic and curious- not like all the jaded New Yorkers here. It was so refreshing!