Africka and Versace ( Versace from when we were in high school).

The Brooklyn Public Library has an amazing selection of African Art, textile, and photography books.
While spending a day there a few months ago, two gems were revealed....
a book on the Ndebele Tribe and the Mbuti Tribe.


This Tribe in South Africa and Zimbabwe are known for their geometric murals that match their fully adorned wool blanket capes, beaded head dresses, and plaid sarongs. The patterns are a weird cross between motifs found in Navajo weaving, Southwestern pottery, and Art Deco Architecture. We loved the day glow color palette too. Nothing like watermelon pink next to rust brown and forest green.

Also found an image of a collectible BMW from 1991, painted in the Ndebele fashion. This could be the one picture that sums up our resort collection:
Ndebele meets 90's Versace.


This Pygmy tribe of hunter/gatherers are found in Congo. The women are known for their paintings on bark cloth textiles.
I love the psychedelic and doodle like quality. It almost looks like a drawing a stoned teenager would do, yet so much more delicate and complex.
And those incredible muted blacks, taupes, and browns...we designed a print based on their work for resort.


See the collection on


  1. I'm intrested in this pairing of the delitcate dresses with causal shoes. Nice touch. I can't wait to get my hands on that cardigan. GREAT blog posts recently.

  2. I should've discovered this blog sooner! Lovely work.

  3. Love the collection & that it's inspired by African art/textiles. My father is from Nigeria in West Africa so I love seeing my culture expressed in clothing. Great blog!

  4. Crazy, I have some of those same Ndebele pictures on the wall in my studio – so cool.

  5. Love seeing where you find inspiration.

    Out of curiosity, which branch of the Brooklyn Public Library do you guys visit? The one near me is tiny, and mostly childrens' books.

  6. oooh i love that black bustier. can't get enough of black crisscrosses and balconette bras