For Soph's b-day we had a taco and tequila party, which included: a Michael Jackson dance party, a Janet Jackson dance party, 100 tacos from Sunset Park, many bottles of tequila, a moustache contest, papunga, and a coconut birthday cake. Very adult contemporary. Piera Gelardi from Refinery 29 was kind enough to take these awesome pictures of the night. Thanks Piera!

The Diana Ross album Sophie found on the street proved quite inspirational (click for full size):

Happy Birthday Soph. We love you!


  1. Happy Bday! The party looks like fun - love the sombrero pics! I wanted to buy one for a party I'm having but I can't find any, so I'm gonna have to do some DIY.

  2. oo this looks like so much fun! I want to host something similar and think I will 'borrow' your moustache and sombrero idea! :)