A wonderful appetizer of bone marrow at Minneta Tavern. I wish we saw Marrow more often on menues, it's a delicious treat left over from the Dark ages.

Marrow will go down wonderfully with a drink from the Stork Club Bar Book. You can prepare the Marrow at home (bones can be collected from a local butcher).  The Stork Club Bar book can be found on Ebay. It's one of the most historic Bar Books, recalling the days of Liz Taylor, Ernest Hemigeway, Charlie Chaplin, and Barbara Stanwyick.  The book suggests elegant conncoctions with witty names for morning, afternoon, and night.  How about a Commando Cocktail, a White Lady, a Zombian, a Schnorkel, a F.B.I. Fizz, or an Astor Painless Anesthetic? A little Hollywood nostalgia, booze, and bones are the way to go next time you feel the pangs of hunger. 

The Stork Club Bar Book 
by Lucius Beebe
Rinehart & Company, Inc. New York

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