It's a muggy summer day and we are working away.
Here's a peek inside the VC studio. Today we're working on our new Spring collection... and various other business related tasks (too boring to blog about).

Snap shots of or Spring 10 mood board. We won't give away the full inspiration til show time... so for now please be amused by the oversized swatch watch, 90's Linda Evangelista, and early Interview Moschino adds. Remember how awesome early Moschino was?

This is a VC corporate environment still life (what you may find on any given surface, at any given time).

Here is Ms. Lisa in our studio. Inside HQ she is known as "Lisaface".

This is our amazing team, Chrissy, Carla and Shawna. They make everything possible and are are lovely and talented individuals. We like to take corporate breaks by getting pizza in Carroll Gardens, petting Shawna's dogs, and throwing company dinner parties.

A soundtrack for your tour, Persephone by the Cocteau Twins.


  1. Aww the team! And the awesome Native man is still there :)

  2. Right now I'm rereading a bunch of VVC posts. I'd just like to say that I really want to name my daughter Persephone. I think it's a really beautiful, perfect name, and I've thought so since 5th grade. But my husband thinks I'm crazy. In order to prevent him from naming our son Lebron or Latrell I have to cede on the whole Persephone fight. Marriage in the 90s. Honestly.