The only positive thing about insomnia is that you can be pretty productive. Granted, you'll go through the next 24 period in a half-dream trance state, but at least you can feel good about accomplishing things while youre not sleeping. Like watching awesome horror movies.
My movie of choice at 4:17 last night was Tenebre, Dario Argento's extreme gore masterpiece. It was released in the US under the secondary title "Unsane"- but seriously censored due to heavy violence. In the UK it was banned and classified as a "Video Nasty".
Which would probably make anyone want to see it.

Added bonus- Goblin did the soundtrack, and though it may be blasphemous to some die-hard Suspiria fans, Tenebre is their best song ever.


  1. easily one of my favorite movies - second favorite in horror after Inside. definitely not going to help you sleep, however.

  2. seriously amazing movie. there's a really weird comment from Argento about the plot: supposedly it's to take place "about five or more years in the future...Tenebrae occurs in a world inhabited by fewer people with the result that the remainder are wealthier and less crowded. Something has happened to make it that way but no one remembers, or wants to remember...It isn't exactly my Blade Runner, of course, but nevertheless a step into the world of tomorrow. If you watch the film with this perspective in mind, it will become very apparent."

    needless to say, this isn't apparent at all. just another level of sinister weirdness.