A while ago Sophie and I headed up to morbid Mass. with two of our nearest and dearest for another two day Brimfield antique binge. Its work-related.
Here are some scores:

tiny "flying geese" patterned navajo rug

navajo war ceremonial "where the two came to their father"
20 numbered prints about a legend of two Navajo heroes undergoing a five day rite of passage.
really killer.

weird pins including one that really reminds me of that creepy talking tree in the Never Ending Story

at some point during all this sifting and thrifting I start "hitting gold." This is the point at which everything starts looking amazing to me and I end up buying a lot of weird crap. I was so psyched about this bracelet purchase, after which I was told by my buddies to "maybe take a short break" or "go eat something" .
this bracelet was the breaking point. I still love it, regardless


two chrome framed chairs with chocolate colored bungee cords

john yang 60s aluminum earrings

beaded wall-hanging. the dude I bought this from said that he had recently worn it as a loincloth. Which prompted me to purchase and immediately dry clean it.


  1. lol about the loin cloth. Thank goodness for him the middle strip is bigger than the others;)

  2. that potatoland spirit looks like Leonardo DaVinci.

    miss mayock, drop me a line.

  3. shit so jealous of the chair and earrings. amazing finds...i got to get up to mass!

  4. Do you mean the big rock guy or the giant turtle from neverending story? I can see the resemblance.

  5. Wait- it IS a rock guy, not a tree guy.
    Why did I remember it as a tree?
    Good call, Rachel!!

  6. Do you guys have the Dover coloring book of native american designs? It's worth looking out for, it's cool and cost like $5.

  7. here it is...

  8. I havent seen this- looks amazing!
    And theres a used copy on Amazon for 30 cents.
    thanks, Strath

  9. your finds are awesome! i need to go flea market hunting

  10. i love all of the native american finds, especially the prints. also love your "hitting gold" theory. the same thing happened to me when there...except it was increased further when I hadnt spent all of my cash. turned into super market brimfield sweep.

  11. I ashamed to admit, I'm a verified mass-hole (as in I live in Boston), but my first trip out to brimfield won't be until the end of this summer.... and I can hardly wait!!! fantastic finds, even the bracelet, and especially the chair.

  12. The wall hanging is an apron. Women in South Africa wear them.

  13. You girls made a killing! Next time you're in Massachusetts you should go to Salem- tonnnssss of great thrift stores there.