Here are a few shots from the castings at Milk Studios.

Deep in conversation with our casting director Noah Shelley.

The space at Milk is amazing, so much light and views over the Hudson. We got to watch people kayak while we watched the models walk.


  1. Dear Lisa, Why is your hair always perfect?
    -Love Kristen

  2. haha! Lisa's hair is pretty nice! fun to see some behind the scenes...

  3. I love love the necklace Lisa is wearing. Who makes it?

  4. god that necklace is out of this planet! it just set me on a hunt haha. you ladies are an inspiration.

  5. aha! i spy some of those amazing silver platform wedges in the first picture!

  6. Thank you!! That totally makes my day!
    Today my hair is filthy and frizzy and in a crappy bun
    And the necklace- is made by the amazing french jewelry designer Marion Vidal. VC LOVES Marion Vidal. If youre in New York, visit her at our favorite store- Maryam Nassirzadeh, at 123 Norfolk Street.
    Maryam is both a genius and close friend.