All three of these movies have been reacurring inspirations for past Vena Cava collections. They are great to watch in a row...just get a bottle of rose, some virginia slims, and a nice rare steak. With the recent vampire movie bonanza that seems to never end, it's nice to take a step back into the 1970's female phychological horror film.

Fassbinder 1974

I watched this movie on the way to China last year. 
The whole thing is utterly miserable and continues to get worse as it unfolds. Margit Carstensten's psychosis and neurosis cause her to have a mental break down. She walks edlessesy through her mansion in 1970's YSL looking mens suits. The set design and costumes are spot on- make sure to check out the plants that inhabit her overgrown German solarium. 

Brian DePalma 1973

This movie has amazing 70's interiors that contain lots of tonal carpeting. Margot Kidder stars in this movie about two siamese twins that are separated in late adolescence. Great music, with a score by Bernard Herman who did Phycho and Vertigo.

Robert Altman 1977

Starring Sissy Spacek, Shelly Duval, and Janice Rule. Apparently Altman imagined this movie in a dream. The palate is dusty and sunbleached with images of the southwestern landscape. A desolate resort town with desert bars and strip malls is the setting. Nothing about this movie is logical or lucid, which is the best thing about it. It reminds me alot of another great surrealist chic flick- Celine and Julie Go Boating (also from the 70's with amazing costumes and hypnotic images).


  1. these are now on my queue. How about some Autumn-to Winter VC songs? We need you VC! We NEED YOU!

  2. Ack! It's 3 Women (not sisters). What a stunning film...on Criterion Collection. Makes me want to go back to the desert.

  3. thanks for sharing, always looking for inspiring older movies...ever go to the video rental store by five leaves? they have a great selection. james dean Giant looks great.