George Van Tassel's cell rejuvenating acoustic sound dome is right outside Joshua Tree. Besides being a center for sound therapy, just being inside the dome raises tissue cells' metabolic rate to what it was at an earlier age- hence rejuvenation! Apparently the sound effects are pretty wild too- you can take a public "sound bath" for ten bucks most days of the week. You can also rent out the whole dome for a weekend.

Built on a geomagnetic vortex, the Integratron was inspired by ideas that were channelled to Van Tassel via UFOs and personal hero Nikola Tesla. Its related to the site of the great Pyramid in Egypt, and Great Rock, the worlds largest freestanding boulder, which you can also visit- its right down the street.


  1. such a fabulous, wondrous place! i was there once in the rain and the sound was magical

  2. Went there this past weekend with a friend. The experience is far out and definitely worth the trip. If you can rent it out privately - please do (to avoid listening to others snore)! The acoustics are amazing.