Pictures from a road trip through Barcelona, the south of France and the west coast of Italy. Driving through the countryside there felt like what LA would look like 800 years after Armageddon. So my beautifully crumbly ancient structures slowly being taken over by plants.

A giant pile of old telephones in a junk store in barcelona.

The roof of La Pedrera and inside La Sagrada familia

Battering ram, catapult and any 8-year olds dream, a gumball machine full of shiny rocks in the medieval town of Les Baux.

Really big books and childrens art in St. Tropez and Eze.

Monaco- who knew?? In Moncao is the largest cactus and succulent garden in the world- its a tangly paradise of beautiful plant forms that look like they belong at the bottom of the ocean. And underneath the cactus garden- a stalactite and stalagmite filled cave in Monaco with bone remains of early Man.

View of the bottom of the swimming pool in Santa margherita

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  1. never did quite figure out what this one meant.
    something about the "garden of paradise" and the "water" oh and throw your phone away.