Thinkin' bout Fiber Art.

Sheila Hicks, Claire Zeisler, Diane Itter, Peruvian Weaving, Mexican Weaving, digital printing, Kale Salad.


  1. I love that Lenore Tawney photo – so cool. The fabric on her loom reminds me of that old camouflage netting you can get from surplus stores – or topographical maps. My mom was a weaver when I was growing up and I never really appreciated it, but now I get it.

  2. One more thing, sorry – last time I was in NY, the furniture store BDDW had this massive old loom in their showroom on Crosby... worth a look.

  3. this reminds me of a shoot I always wanted to do with a girl in a leotard (under various outfits) in a greenhouse... perhaps with a few cats puttering around...maybe one of the gymnopedies would be playing in the the background...or Simon and garfunkel.

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